Happy Easter! Vrolijk Pasen!

Our Easter Cards are available in our shop. 
By one or a set of three! 
International shipping is available.
Scroll down for a sneak peak at the process.

The finished Easter cards available in deboss and emboss. All come with neon edge paintng.

Pre-edgepainting. Deboss on the left emboss on the right.

Plate and counter die.

Ever wondered how to emboss on a proof press? Here's a setup pic.

Passepartout Press Shop!

Passepartout Press goodies are available for purchase online!
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I'm especially excited about our collaboration with 
amazing letterer and inspiring creative force Marina Chaccur
Please do head on over to her site to learn more 
about the work and process. Available in the shop now.

A glimpse into the lettering process.

Mixing different inks together directly on press.
Some call this split fountain, but as this press has no "fountain" or ink tray it's more of a split roller.
Call it what you like, we love it!

The results. Each card is one of a kind.

Ready to ship!

Edge Painting Personalized Stationery.

Just sent out this lovely piece of personalized stationery with blind deboss for the amazing Hunter Yoga. It was a treat doing the green fluorescent edge painting and watching it bring so much life to this piece.