Edge Painting Personalized Stationery.

Just sent out this lovely piece of personalized stationery with blind deboss for the amazing Hunter Yoga. It was a treat doing the green fluorescent edge painting and watching it bring so much life to this piece.

Modern Calligraphy Workshops!

Join us for an evening of wine sipping and calligraphy learning! Contact us for more info or to reserve your seat!

Happy Easter!

Had a little fun this Easter weekend playing with embossing and edge painting. Hope everyone had a lovely weekend and ate plenty of chocolate. Cheers!


Had a great class yesterday with the proprietors of Bandito. They made an awesome card and used an incredible fluorescent ink. This picture doesn't do it justice.

Need to get photopolymer plates made?

Have a design that you want to letterpress but don't have the platemaking setup? Send your design to us and we'll make a plate for you! Plates come already setup with the reusable and adjustable sticky mounting tape. Our prices are 48 € for an A4 and 36 € for an A5. All prices include BTW but exclude shipping. Contact us for more info.

Learn how to letterpress your own designs.

Have you ever wanted to learn how to letterpress your own designs? Want to know the secrets to making your own photopolymer plates at home? Passepartout Press offers workshops in how to setup your own letterpress studio. Check out our dedicated site here. Or send an email to us.