Had a great class yesterday with the proprietors of Bandito. They made an awesome card and used an incredible fluorescent ink. This picture doesn't do it justice.

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Some juicy photos to spice up your day.

Added a new photo album of "letterpress porn" to our Facebook page here. Head on over to see more and give us a like if you please.

Story of an Emboss. Preeg.

Trial run of emboss. Looks pretty good! Now, can I apply color and emboss at the same time?

I think not, the color inconsistency is too great.

After color and emboss have been applied separately.

Inside of card cover. Nice deep impression.

Standing up all on his own! They grow so fast.

Nice cushioned deboss letterpress on the card interior. Love the little bee!
There you have it, color and emboss on a lovely birth announcement! Geboortekaartje.