Passepartout Press was founded by Anna Savoie, a Rhode Island native who loves arts & crafts and her beloved New England seashore. After graduating with a BFA in communication design from Parsons School of Design in New York, she embarked upon an exciting career in graphic design. She will be forever grateful to Lloyd and Co for her first big break out of school and the opportunities to work on Gucci, Tom Ford, The James Hotel and Le Sportsac among others. Her work there lead her to a position as an art director at Estée Lauder working on such hallowed brands as La Mer and Jo Malone. It was at Estée where she had her first opportunities to design for letterpress while working on marketing and pr events. She was instantly hooked. 

But alas, New York and Estée were not to last. She fell in love with a dashing French man and the encroaching cold financial climate in New York encouraged them to seek opportunities elsewhere. They found themselves in the financially warmer but otherwise colder climate of the Hague. Anna came upon a predicament when she could not find anyone to produce her business cards in letterpress. So she purchased a small letterpress machine, only to find that no one would produce the needed photopolymer plates! All of this opposition was only making her more determined. She found some kindred spirits online, spent a weekend with the ever-gracious John Cornelisse of Enkidu press learning about photopolymer and the Korrex cylinder press [pics here] and the idea for Passepartout Press was born.

Learning the ropes under the generous tutelage of John Cornelisse of Enkidu Press.

With the help of her ever-supportive Monsieur, she acquired a press, hand wired and built her own UV exposure unit and got to working. These days Passepartout Press is kept busy with greeting cards, teaching workshops to other letterpress enthusiasts, geboortekaartjes or birth announcements and wedding invitations.

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