Letterpress & Custom Plate Pricing

Revised July 2015.

Per color per side: 70 €

Emboss [preeg]: 140 €

Per cotton card 
A6 600gsm or
A5 folding 300gsm: 2 €

A6 300gsm: 1.75 €

A5 600gsm: 2.25 € 

Edge painting per card: .75 €

Envelopes per [without printing]: ~.45 €

Envelopes addressed via typewriter per side: .30 €

Simple card design: 125 €

Custom Plate Making.

We also offer photopolymer plate-making. We use 
94fl plastic-backed photopolymer plates exclusively. 
Prices below:

A4 photoploymer plate: 48 €

A5 photopolymer plate: 36 €

 All costs include setup, post-production and BTW.
Not included is delivery {10 € for most orders in the NL 7 € for most plates}
and digital file preparation if design is submitted to Passepartout.

You may prepare the file yourself using our guidelines or submit the file to us for preparation at a fee of 30 €/hr. File prep usually takes 1 hour.

Prices are subject to change without notice. For a confirmed quote, please contact us directly.